Cinema subtitle glasses

Here is a video from the BBC (available also outside the UK) on a set of Subtitle Glasses that allow the viewer to see the subtitles though them. This new device will give Deaf and Hard of Hearing people the opportunity to chose the time and the location of the cinema without constraints.

I sottotitoli per i sordi in Francia

Mi pare interessante condividere questi due video  preparati in occasione della settimana del sottotitolaggio (semaine du sous-titrage) francese del 2009. Uno riguarda la professione del sottotitolatore, l’altro denuncia la cronica mancanza di sottotitoli per i sordi nei cinema francesi.

How subtitles are made for the BBC

Interesting video from the BBC Youtube Channel on SDH See Hear visits BBC’s subtitling company, Red Bee Media, to see first hand how subtitles are created and what can be done to improve the quality of subtitling in the future.