Online Research Center for Accesibility and Audiovisual Translation (ORCAAT)

The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona has created an online research center for accessibility, have a look at their website where you can find a rich bibliography.   L’Università Autonoma di Barcellona ha creato un centro di ricerche online per l’accessibilità con una ricca bibliografia consultabile sul loro sito (prevalentemente in inglese).  


In the next few months there will be a lot of interesting conferences directly related to SDH and accessibility. The first one is the Third International Symposium on Live Subtitling with Speech Recognition. The symposium is focused on live subtitling and new respeaking applications for media accessibility and is organised by the Translators and Interpreters department of … Continue reading

Cinema subtitle glasses

Here is a video from the BBC (available also outside the UK) on a set of Subtitle Glasses that allow the viewer to see the subtitles though them. This new device will give Deaf and Hard of Hearing people the opportunity to chose the time and the location of the cinema without constraints.