BAI Access Rules 2012

The BAI (Broadcasting Authority of Ireland) has today published new rules regarding the level of subtitling, sign language and audio description that must be made available to the public by Irish television broadcasters.

The Broadcasting Act 2009 requires the BAI to draw up rules which will require broadcasters to take steps to promote the understanding and enjoyment of programmes by people who are deaf, hard of hearing or blind or visually impaired. It allows for the rules to specify a percentage of programmes broadcast that must be accessible.

The new access rules have been revamped and are structured to meet the needs of wiewers and to adapt to the changing schedule of broadcasters.

Here you can find the new rules.

The BAI access rules 2012 set new target for subtitling, audio description and sign language on a 5 year time frame. The services provided have to be adequately promoted through the use of a standard symbol when they are broadcast and indicated clearly on any program listing.

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